Meet C Payne Photography

 The photographer behind C Payne Photography and the fortunate soul that gets to experience & capture so many beautiful stories!


I have always loved taking pictures and so when my husband bought me my first camera and I started "playing around" with it I quickly realized this is what I wanted to do with my life. 


Not only do I get to meet incredible people all the time, some becoming really good friends, but I get to experience pure love AND HAPPINESS IN ALL its SHAPES AND FORMS  on a daily basis AND its absolutely incredible!


why would I ever want any other job? 

fun facts-07.png

I have Moved ALOT!! like too much so when I started my own family I told my husband, we would pick one place/state and try to make that our permanent home. Which we just bought our first house in Tucson Arizona and so far we love it here! so fingers crossed we don't move anytime soon!

Speaking of my husband, we met in Boise Idaho and I think we both we EARLY ON WE were going to get married. However, I knew the moment I saw him and I know how crazy that sounds which I why I waited to tell him until we were pretty much looking at engagement rings 😂.


we got married a year into dating on October 20th, 2018. 


Photography was not my first choice, the original plan was to become a nurse (I know how original) and I was a CNA slowly putting myself through school and I kind of just stumbled in love with photography.


my husband bought me my first camera so I could take pictures of our new baby (our now 3 yr old) and it wasn't long before I quit my CNA job and took the leap to be a full time photographer and I owe it all to my husband and FIRST CAMERA..

Meet Me C Payne Photography

Im a boy mama so when I am not at a wedding or taking photos somewhere I am usually at my messy home with these two littles, soaking in all the mEMORIES I CAN..

Meet Me C Payne Photography

im also  A...

-  coffee addict ☕️ 

- huge "friends" fan 📺 

(I actually really love tv in general)

- HIKER ⛰ 

- Libra ♎️ 

- enneagram 8w7

- foodie 🍕 🍔 🌮 🍣  


- softball player 🥎 

- oldest child + ONLY GIRL


Meet Me C Payne Photography

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me just a little bit better! I can only hope to get the same opportunity with you in the future!