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The Fake-Exit!

Is it the right option for you?

What is a fake-Exit?

The grand exit or final farewell from the guest to the newlyweds is usually the last thing planned at the end of the night. Currently we see lots of sparklers, bubbles, confetti, etc. which can make it fun for everyone, however, the main motivation for most is the photo that comes from it all.

However, there are a few circumstances where waiting until the end of the night might not give you that picture perfect moment which is maybe why you might want consider staging it aka planning a fake-exit.

Wedding Photo Coverage

Instead of hiring your photographer/videographer to stay all night so you can get pictures of the grand-exit, you can hire them for less and do it a little earlier in the night, afterwards you can send your photographer home and go back to the party with all your guests.

More Guests

Usually by the very end of the night you have less people then you started with and so when it comes to sparklers, bubbles, confetti, etc the more guests you have the better the opportunity for that perfect photo, so having it earlier into the party you can guarantee you still have most of your guests still there.

the type of exit

Depending on the exit option you choose, some photograph better in the day then they do at night and vise versa. for example sparklers at night and bubbles in the day. You can definitely have these exits whenever you'd like, but for the best photo op you should take this into consideration when planning.

the Flow

It can be a little challenging to pull all your guest off the dance floor to do go do a photo op and even more challenging trying to get the dance party started again afterwards. I'm pretty sure your DJ will actually advise you not to do a fake-exit for this reason, but its really up to you on what you think will fit your wedding day plans the most. Ive also seen people just flip the idea and do a grand-entrance (before the dancing starts) this could actually help get people more excited and up on their feet before the party even begins, just an idea. 😉

As always stay true to you and what you want, this is no one else's day or photos but yours!

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