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Why You Should Book A Wedding Portrait Session!

(separate from your wedding day)

What are wedding portraits?

Wedding portraits are basically the photos you take as a couple in your wedding day attire, most plan some time for this on their wedding day after family formals. Which will still happen, but here are six reasons why you might also want to book a session separate from the wedding day.


There may not be enough time in your day or you simply want to enjoy the party and not spend so much of it taking pictures. By booking a 6o min wedding portrait session you can ensure you get all those Pinterest worthy images without sacrificing any time spent away from your wedding affairs.


Having a session on a separate day also allows you to completely focus on each other for an entire 60 min, theres no worrying about making it to your dinner on time or even guests/family interrupting or watching you while you try to take super intimate photos with your loved one.

Imagine soaking up every min of an hour with your significant other with no major distractions!

More images

Obviously when you book a session dedicated to just wedding portraits you'll

guarantee you get more images as a couple and most likely these are the images you choose to hang up all over your home so the more you have to choose from the better.


This is your chance to get those epic destination photos you have always dreamed of! Go somewhere new or to a place that you love. You will still get photos on the wedding day together, but this gives you a little more variety and freedom when it comes to the scenery of your photos.

*some locations might require permits, hiking, travel, etc. so make sure to discuss all this with your photographer.

First look

Seeing your future spouse in their wedding attire can definitely spark a lot emotion and tears, if you're a private couple, want to soak up more time admiring each other or just don't want to mess up your makeup while walking down the aisle you might want to include a first look in your session. (session booked before the wedding.)

*You still might cry on the wedding day, I mean you're marrying the love of your life and you're not going to cry? 😉


If you decide a first look isn't for you then your session can be booked after your wedding, this is also ideal for those worried about getting their attire dirty before they say 'I DO!".

Its inevitable especially if you're doing picture outside in the mountains somewhere. The plus to doing it after the wedding is you don't have to worry so much about keeping it clean, not saying we trash your dress or suit by any-means (unless you want to) just that we don't have to stress during the session about it and the focus can be more on capturing moments together.

*You can still do a first look and not stress about dirt, but you might want to consider getting things professionally cleaned after your session so that you look your absolute best on your wedding day.

Stay true to you and what you want, this is no one else's day or photos but yours! However, I highly suggest that you consider adding in the wedding portrait session.

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